Fantastic Four(2015)

type:film  Bean paste 4.5region:AmericaPlot:action,Sci-fi,Fantasy



Boy genius (Richard myers, Miles Teller) with the invention of the transmitting device object positive research of quantum gate are franklin stone's recognition, he will invite to Richard, through and victor (Toby elliott Campbell Toby Kebbell), Johnny (Michael Jordan, Michael b. b. Jordan), Susan (Kate Mara Kate Mara) talented young people to work together, such as the study of quantum gate finally a breakthrough. Soon after, unwilling to be seized by the government of the young people called Richard's friend Ben (Jamie Bell), secretly into the unknown world exploration, who is infected by the mysterious energy. After that, they gained the ability to flex, control fire, rock, and become invisible.
In order to return to the past, the young people walk towards the quantum door again, while the opposite world has a companion who was left behind waiting for them...

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