The Last Witch Hunter(2015)

type:film  Bean paste 0region:AmericaPlot:action,Fantasy



Calder (Vin Diesel) is a witch hunter who, under the curse of the dark queen, gains an immortal soul and an immortal body. Immortality brings far more pain than pleasure, in loneliness and despair, Calder spent a long time, however, he never gave up as a witch hunter should do his duty, he knew that the witch is not extinct, a great plot is slowly brewing in the shadow.
Sure enough, black wu hind got the secret art that can make oneself resurrect, at the same time, the witch of each place also presses not to be able to bear, be about to move in succession, the ambition that wants to eliminate mankind to rule the world in vain. Calder and assistant dolan (Elijah Wood) want to face complex and powerful opponents, must get good witch Chloe (Rose Leslie) help. A battle is about to begin.

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