type:film  Bean paste 6.1region:Plot:action,Fantasy



Pan (Levi Miller), who lost his parents as a child and grew up in an orphanage, is a typical "problem child" there. Pan loves freedom, in the head is the idea of strange and unimaginative, mischievous trouble is always him, let the orphanage director is a headache.
One night, pan unexpectedly comes to a magical world called neverland, where there are pirates, warriors, and elves only seen in fairy tales. In neverland, pan met female warrior princess tiger lily (LuNi Myra Rooney Mara) and captain hook (Kevin garnett, hurd orchid Garrett Hedlund), they are waiting for a reed necklace, the arrival of the mystery, the mystery man will be leading them, with the evil black beard pirate (Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman) waging fierce struggle.

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